Alternate Project Delivery Methods

Longstanding, working relationships.

Longstanding working relationships within the RSCI team allows us to complete technically challenging alternative delivery projects with highly positive and proven results.

RSCI’s CMAR/CMGC project delivery philosophy is rooted in collaboration and problem solving between owners, stakeholders, client groups, design professionals, and end-users. This integrated process correctly balances project parameters and constraints and enhances day-to-day communications, team interaction, and successful execution of work.

Construction management integrates the expertise of RSCI’s construction professionals into a partnership with the owner and designer(s) to create a cooperative project delivery approach. This team works collaboratively through preconstruction planning and ultimately sets the tone for a successful construction phase.  This process enhances project planning, problem solving, innovation, efficiency, quality, and timely completion of work. Services include advanced planning, constructability reviews, cost estimates, structured bid packages, and phased construction to reduce costs and save schedule time.  

Our design-build approach provides a single point of accountability while compressing the overall time frame for project completion by functioning as an integrated team with the owner, designer, and builder. RSCI’s services include phased construction, saving time and money by integrating design and construction. Open communication, so information needed to make critical decisions is readily available.

Annual revenues of $100-million+

With annual revenues of $100 million+ including several projects ranging from $20 to $50 million, RSCI is comfortable and proficient in complex project scheduling, resourcing, and cost controls.

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RSCI’s in-house mechanical and electrical teams actively participate in the entire alternate delivery process, spanning from proposal through pre-construction, design, construction, commissioning, to turn-over. Recognizing the pivotal role of mechanical and electrical systems in technical facilities, RSCI’s track record of success is largely attributed to the direct control and self-execution of these scopes. Our team is dedicated to selecting the right equipment early in the design phase, procuring long lead items promptly, and utilizing highly qualified tradesmen to ensure the installation of quality work. This comprehensive approach creates a significant advantage for any alternate delivery project.

The projects pictured here demonstrate the diverse range of RSCI’s technical capability to perform Alternate Delivery Projects.

Alternate Delivery Projects

The projects pictured here demonstrate the diverse range of RSCI’s technical capability to perform Alternate Delivery Projects.


Weapons School


Simulator Training Operations

Manning Crevice

Bridge Replacement

Selenium Removal

E-3G Mission

and Flight Simulator

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