Water & Wastewater Treatment

South Valley WRF Project 5

Construct a new multi-level grit removal building, including grit removal basins, grit pumping facilities, grit washing, conveying equipment and yard piping.

Industrial Food Plant WWTP

New 2MGD WTF for a raw food processing plant, includes a 580-foot x 290-foot concrete Covered Anaerobic Lagoon, Aerobic Basin, Secondary Clarifier, and Headworks, Blower ...

Wawona WWTP, Yosemite National Park

Construct Solids Handling and expand the Administration buildings, demolish and replace the entire mechanical and electrical systems.

Lockwood WTP Upgrades

Construct two new high-rate clarifiers with vacuum blowers, two new media filters, a new UV disinfection system, install high service pumps, piping, and valves.

WRF Influent Lift Station

Construct a new wastewater influent lift station with screw pumps.
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