Water & Wastewater Treatment


South Valley WRF Project 5

Construct a new multi-level grit removal building, including grit removal basins, grit pumping facilities, grit washing, conveying equipment and yard piping.

Nampa WWTP Project Group F

Construct a 120-foot diameter Secondary Clarifier No. 4, Filter Facility, Filter Support building, Clean Water Facility, and a Sludge Transfer Station building.

Industrial Food Plant WWTP

New 2MGD WTF for a raw food processing plant, includes a 580-foot x 290-foot concrete Covered Anaerobic Lagoon, Aerobic Basin, Secondary Clarifier, and Headworks, Blower and Biogas Buildings.

Lockwood WTP Upgrades

Construct two new high-rate clarifiers with vacuum blowers, two new media filters, a new UV disinfection system, install high service pumps, piping, and valves.

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