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F-35A Squad OPS Facility #6

Design and construction of the new single-story Squadron Operations Facility 6, associated site work, and demolition of Building 904 and two bays of Building 983.

Orr Ditch Boost Pump Station/Hydroelectric Project

Construction, startup and commissioning of new facilities for the purpose of upgrading the existing pump station from submersible to vertical turbine pumps and incorporating hydroelectric ...

Preston WWTP Improvements

Construct influent collection box and influent flume, headworks building, equalization basin, oxidation ditches, secondary clarifiers, filtration and UV building, onsite lift station, solids handling building ...

Rigby WWTP Improvements

Construct two oxidation ditches, two secondary clarifiers, scum lift station, clarifier splitter box, septage receiving box, and UV/Solids handling facility.

South Valley WRF Project 5

Construct a new multi-level grit removal building, including grit removal basins, grit pumping facilities, grit washing, conveying equipment and yard piping.
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